DigitalOcean coupon Jun 2024: Free $100 credits for all new accounts

DigitalOcean is a popular cloud service solution, equipped with a powerful infrastructure and providing a wide range of services. DigitalOcean provides users with virtual private servers called Droplets. Platform users can manage their applications through the user interface.

DigitalOcean started as a managed hosting business called ServerStack in 2003 under the leadership of Ben and Moisey Uretsky. The two hope to create a product by combining virtual servers and storage.

As one of today’s well-known VPS providers, in addition to Vultr, DigitalOcean also has a valid DigitalOCean coupon that can be applied for when registering a new account. New customers can earn up to $100 in points for 60 days of using the service. Get a $100 DigitalOcean coupon for free here.


DigitalOcean coupon, promo codes, and vouchers 2024

Click on the coupon button below to receive the DigitalOcean coupon

Get free $100 credit all new accounts (*)
Get free $10 for a new account
Free $10 credit for a new account
Get $15 credit for new account


  • Coupons can only be used once for new accounts.
  • (*) Free $100 credit coupon valid for 60 days

DigitalOcean Plans

Basic Plans

This is the most popular service plan with many ordinary customers because the service package with only $5/month gives you 1 GB Ram, 1 CPU, and 25 GB SSD storage.

1 GB 1 25 GB SSD 1 TB $5/mo $6/mo $6/mo
2 GB 1 50 GB SSD 2 TB $10/mo $12/mo $12/mo
2 GB 2 60 GB SSD 3 TB $15/mo $18/mo $18/mo
4 GB 2 80 GB SSD 4 TB $20/mo $24/mo 24/mo
8 GB 4 160  GB SSD 5 TB $40/mo $48/mo $48/mo
16 G 8 320 GB SSD 6 TB $80/mo $96/mo $96/mo

Note: Premium Intel and Premium AMD will use the NVMe SSD.

General Purpose

8 GB 2 25 GB SSD 4 TB $60/mo
16 GB 4 50 GB SSD 5 TB $120/mo
32 GB 8 100 GB SSD 6 TB $240/mo
64 GB 16 200 GB SSD 7 TB $480/mo
128 GB 32 400  GB SSD 8 TB $960/mo
160 G 40 500 GB SSD 9 TB $1200/mo


4 GB 2 25 GB SSD 4 TB $40/mo
4 GB 2 50 GB SSD 4 TB $45/mo
8 GB 4 50 GB SSD 5 TB $80/mo
8 GB 4 100 GB SSD 5 TB $90/mo
16 GB 8 100 GB SSD 6 TB $160/mo
16 GB 8 200 GB SSD 6 TB $180/mo
32 GB 16 200 GB SSD 7 TB $320/mo
32 GB 16 400 GB SSD 7 TB $360/mo


16 GB 2 50 GB SSD 4 TB $80/mo
16 GB 2 150 GB SSD 4 TB $100/mo
16 GB 2 300 GB SSD 4 TB $125/mo
32 GB 4 100 GB SSD 6 TB $160/mo
32 GB 4 300 GB SSD 6 TB $195/mo
32 GB 4 600 GB SSD 6 TB $250/mo
64 GB 8 200 GB SSD 7 TB $320/mo
64 GB 8 600 GB SSD 7 TB $390/mo


16 GB 2 300 GB SSD 4 TB $80/mo
16 GB 2 450 GB SSD 4 TB $100/mo
32 GB 4 600 GB SSD 6 TB $125/mo
32 GB 4 900 GB SSD 6 TB $160/mo
64 GB 8 1.17 TB SSD 7 TB $195/mo
64 GB 8 1.76 TB SSD 7 TB $250/mo
128 GB 16 2.34 TB SSD 8 TB $320/mo
128 GB 16 3.52 TB SSD 8 TB $390/mo

DigitalOcean locations

Currently, DigitalOcean has 8 data centers with 2 in the US (New York, San Francisco), 1 in Canada (Toronto), 1 in the Netherlands (Amsterdam), 1 in Germany (Frankfurt), 1 in the UK (London). , 1 in India (Bangalore), and 1 in Singapore.

DigitalOcean locations

  • NYC1, NYC2, NYC3: New York City, United States
  • AMS2, AMS3: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • SFO1, SFO2, SFO3: San Francisco, United States
  • SGP1: Singapore
  • LON1: London, United Kingdom
  • FRA1: Frankfurt, Germany
  • TOR1: Toronto, Canada
  • BLR1: Bangalore, India

Customers around the world can choose the location of the server in the data center closest to them for optimal speed.

You can use the following link to test the speed of the DigitalOcean data center:

Advantages of DigitalOcean

  • New users always have coupon codes up to $100 credit.
  • The packages are diverse and quite cheap: as low as $5, you can use it for 1 month (1GB Ram package)
  • Use as much as possible, pay as much as possible, instead of paying for the entire month like other providers
  • Use SSD and NVMe hard disk: to achieve extremely fast data access speed.
  • The VPS management page is convenient and easy to use. You can perform all operations directly through this management page.
  • There are many pre-installed applications for beginners to use easily. The supported speed is very fast and you will get a reply within a few minutes.
  • The server initializes very quickly and can be used in less than 1 minute.
  • Backup/restore is easy.
  • Support dual authentication, login is more secure.
  • Use Paypal to pay.

How to use DigitalOcean coupons?

Step 1: Click on the coupon button above to get the DigitalOcean coupon.

Step 2: Enter the email address you are using and the password for the new account. Click Create an Account to continue.

Step 3: Enter the registered email address and select Link as shown in the figure below to confirm the account.

Step 4:You need to enter payment information. You have 2 options: pay by credit card or PayPal. You need to deposit $5 into your account to activate your account and use it.

After successfully depositing US$5, you will receive a free credit of US$100, and you will automatically receive US$100 into your account so that you can use all DigitalOcean services within 60 days.

If there is no problem, you can use your account to create a VPS, but in some cases, your account will be temporarily locked. At this point, you need to contact DigitalOcean support to verify some information. After submitting the necessary information and waiting for a period of time, your account will be unlocked and you can now create a normal VPS.


  • Never register too many new accounts with DigitalOcean to avoid being locked out.
  • You must enter the promotional code immediately after verifying your account. Coupons/promotion codes can only be used once per account, and the coupons used can be viewed on the billing page.
  • If you want to check which coupons were used, you can check the billing section of your DO account.
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