What is VPS
What is VPS?

What is VPS? What are the pros and cons? What are the specifications? What is VPS? VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtual server created by dividing a physical server into…

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Dedicated Servers
What is a Dedicated Server?

What is a dedicated server? What are the advantages and disadvantages? What are the benefits for the business? Let us learn more about KingHostCoupon in the following article. What is…

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What is Microsoft Azure
What is Microsoft Azure? How to use Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a well-known cloud computing service provider, providing service options for the vast majority of users today. Let us learn more about Azure services and usage in the…

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Google Cloud Platform
What is Google Cloud Platform?

What are Google Cloud Platform and the basic information of Google Cloud Platform services will be fully provided in the following article? What is Google Cloud Platform?  Google Cloud Platform…

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openlitespeed nginx apache
Openlitespeed vs Nginx vs Apache, which is the best web server?

Between OpenLiteSpeed, Apache, and NGINX, which is the best webserver? Let’s find the answer in the following article. What is OpenLiteSpeed? OpenLiteSpeed ​​is the open-source version of LiteSpeed ​​WebServer Enterprise….

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What is Webp
What is WebP? How WebP Works?

What is WebP? What are the outstanding advantages compared with JPG and PNG? How does this image format work? Generally, in order to optimize the image of the website, the…

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What is SMTP?
What is SMTP? How SMTP works?

What is the SMTP protocol? How does the SMTP system work? Why do companies need SMTP server support? Please read more details in the following article. What is SMTP? SMTP…

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Public cloud and Private Cloud
What is the difference between Public Cloud and Private Cloud?

What is a public cloud? What is the difference between Public Cloud and Private Cloud? Learn with KingHostCoupon in this article to get the best choice for your business. What…

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Why choose Vultr
Why you should choose Vultr?

Vultr is a cloud storage provider that is rated for high performance and easy scalability. Vultr’s service has everything from cloud computing, blocks storage to the dedicated servers you need….

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What is CentOS
What is CentOS?

CentOS is a free operating system built and developed based on the open source Linux operating system. CentOS stands for “Community Enterprise Operating System “. CentOS was released to the…

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