What is Microsoft Azure? How to use Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a well-known cloud computing service provider, providing service options for the vast majority of users today. Let us learn more about Azure services and usage in the following articles.

What is Microsoft Azure

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and online portal provided by Microsoft. Azure enables you to access and manage cloud services and resources.

Azure services and resources include data storage and transformation. To access these resources and services, you need an active Internet connection and the ability to connect to the Azure portal.

Why is Azure used by so many people?

Azure has many advantages and outstanding features. This is why it is used by many people. The following are the advantages of Azure:

  • Application development: You can use Azure to create any web application.
  • Test: You can experiment after successfully developing the application on the platform.
  • Application hosting: After the test is complete, Azure can help you host your application.
  • Create a virtual machine: You can create a virtual machine with any configuration you want with the help of Azure.
  • Integration and synchronization capabilities: Azure allows you to integrate and synchronize virtual devices and folders.
  • Collect and store metrics: You can collect and store metrics to find effective methods.
  • Virtual hard disk: This is an extension of the virtual machine, providing a large amount of data storage capacity.

Microsoft Azure Services


Azure provides more than 200 services, divided into 18 categories. It covers areas such as computing, networking, storage, Internet of Things, mobility, mobility, analytics, containers, artificial intelligence and machine learning, integration, management tools, developer tools, and security. Security, database, DevOps, media identity, and web services.

How to use Microsoft Azure?

Step 1: Sign up

Go to https://azure.microsoft.com/ and proceed with the registration. After registering, you will receive username + password information and log in via portal: portal.azure.com of Microsoft to use services such as virtual machines, …

When registering, you need to pay attention to how to charge:

  • Pay as you go: This method allows you to activate Microsoft Azure and use it without any limit on the amount. Bill will be returned every month for payment.
  • Cost tiering: This method allows active Microsoft Azure for a flat fee. Expired gas will be notified to resume service. Prepayment to use.

Step 2: Use License

After registration is completed, the License is received as Username and Password. Please proceed to log in to azure.com to use.

How to use Microsoft Azure

Select Subscriptions -> Double click on Microsoft Azure

Select Azure Subscriptions

Select the icon in the yellow box.

Select the icon in the yellow box.

Select  ADD

Select add

Select Role (permission for user).

Select Role

Select  Invite in the Add User section (note: the added user must use a Microsoft account). Continue to manipulate the yellow cars.

Select Invite 1

Select Invite 2

Click “  New ” with the + symbol. Next is to choose the service to use. For example, Virtual Machine -> Select the available Template Os to create a virtual machine -> Summit as shown below.

Create a virtual machine

Step 3: Estimate the charge

Visit   https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/calculator/ to use Microsoft’s cost calculator. Then you select the service to be charged by clicking “  Add Item ” -> After the table appears in the red box below -> continue to select the service to use. For example Compute -> Virtual Machine.

Estimate the charge

After completing the service selection, continue to click “ Add Item ” to minimize the service panel and display the billing tool as below.

Estimate the charge

Proceed to select the location, type, and configuration package to use. The cost will be automatically estimated on tools. To add more services for payment, click “ Add Item ” as above.

In short, Azure is a provider of powerful cloud computing services and is used by quite a few people. This is a foreign supplier, so it requires you to be proficient. For those who are just starting out, domestic cloud computing services will be a more suitable choice because they will always support you wholeheartedly at any time.

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