How to use Big Dump import a large MySQL database

If you are using shared hosting, it is possible to import a large database of MySQL, some shared hosting providers can limit the size or number of rows and tables.

But BigDump can solve this problem simply. This is a specialized tool to import large databases.

how to use bigdump


  • Access to control panel
  • Download the big dump script here:
  • MySQL dump (database to import), compressed with gzip, in this example I will name it large_database.sql

Step 1 – Create a database on cPanel

To import the database MySQL dump, a database is required first (of course !?). Create a new database in the MySQL Databases section

create my sql database

Save the following 4 information as we need it in step 2:

MySQL Database

MySQL User

MySQL Host

MySQL Password.

Step 2 – Edit the big dump file

In the preparation step, download the file, extract it, and open it up with a text editor. Here I use Notepad to open:

The BigDump file will make a connection to the database that we created in Step 1, so let’s add the 4 connection parameters to the database in the BigDump file in each corresponding item that you were in Step 1 as follows:

$ db_server = ‘ MySQL host ‘;

$ db_name = ‘ MySQL database ‘;

$ db_username = ‘ MySQL User ‘;

$ db_password = ‘ MySQL Password ‘;

The result is similar to the following, note that your database information will be different, so do not enter exactly the same as yourself:

Bigdump edit

Save files bigdump.php this

Step 3 – Upload bigdump.php and large_database.sql to the root directory of hosting to import database MySQL

So you have 2 files on your computer

  1. Bigdump.php was edited in Step 2
  2. largedatabase.gz is available in the Preparation step

Use an FTP client like FileZilla or File Manager to upload both files to the public_html directory of your hosting account.

Visit the bigdump.php link found in the browser.

In my example, the link has the following link:

Your form will be

Click the Start Import button, if there are no problems, you will see results with Congratulation, so you have finished importing:

Bigdump import

So you know how to import with BigDump, this is a very useful and very fast tool to import a large MySQL database.

You can use this method is applicable to all shared hosting.

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