Linode launches free DDoS protection for all customers

The good news for customers who are using the service in Linode, now all VPS / Server features an anti-DDoS firewall, and it is completely free.

Linode free ddos protection

In a statement sent a few days ago, Linode was happy to announce that it has improved its DDoS protection and the great thing is that this feature is free for users here.

With Linode Anti DDoS, your server will be protected against downtime incidents caused by denial of service DDoS attacks. The system works fully automatically, using machine-learning machine technology to analyze traffic and immediately block potentially dangerous requests.

Linode Anti DDos

Currently, all of Linode ‘s server clusters in the world have been applied to anti-DDoS and are operating automatically, but we have not been able to view statistics and intervene such as IP block, IP whitelist. Hopefully, in the near future, Linode will complete adding more features.

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