ssls coupon
PossitiveSSL just only $2.99/year at, do you know?

SSL certificates have become an indispensable thing for all websites. If you want to develop a long-term website, I recommend that you buy it immediately. Currently, domain names registered in will be free…

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How to install LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, and PHP) on Ubuntu 18.04

The LEMP stack is a group of software used to serve websites or dynamic web applications. LEMP stands for Linux operating system, with the Nginx web server. The data is stored…

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Lamp on ubuntu
How to install Lamp stack on Ubuntu 16.04

LAMP or LAMP Stack is a group of 3 different software Apache, MySQL, and PHP used on the Linux operating system. The term LAMP was formed by combining the first…

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How to install Lamp stack on CentOS 7
How to install the LAMP stack on CentOS 7 or 8

The LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is a group of open-source software that is often reinstalled to allow server hosting of websites (including dynamic websites) and web apps, including…

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increase the upload size in WordPress
How to increase the upload size in WordPress?

WordPress is released with its own media uploader. It makes uploading files easier, no need to manipulate with FTP client or File Manager. All media files you want on your…

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how to use bigdump
How to use Big Dump import a large MySQL database

If you are using shared hosting, it is possible to import a large database of MySQL, some shared hosting providers can limit the size or number of rows and tables….

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How to use Filezilla
What is Filezilla? How to use Filezilla Client?

In this Filezilla tutorial, you will learn how to configure Filezilla Ftp client to connect to the Ftp server and manage all files in it. What is Filezilla? Filezilla is…

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Connect Reseller
You can register unlimited .COM domain name only $ 6.89 at ConnectReseller

Happy New Year, ConnectReseller also sent all customers promotions for .COM domain names. uring February, you can register a .COM domain name for only $ 6.89 / year / domain at ConnectReseller. In particular, there is…

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Linode launches free DDoS protection for all customers

The good news for customers who are using the service in Linode, now all VPS / Server features an anti-DDoS firewall, and it is completely free. In a statement sent a…

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Mailgun is no longer free 10,000 monthly mail for free package

Specifically, currently, you only get 5,000 free mail the first 3 months only. After that, if you continue using, you will have to pay $ 0.80 / 1,000 emails. This price is also…

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