Setup CloudFlare on WordPress
How to setup CloudFlare CDN in WordPress?

Cloudflare is one of the famous free CDN service providers to speed up your website. Do you want to use Cloudflare CDN for your WordPress website but don’t know how…

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openlitespeed nginx apache
Openlitespeed vs Nginx vs Apache, which is the best web server?

Between OpenLiteSpeed, Apache, and NGINX, which is the best webserver? Let’s find the answer in the following article. What is OpenLiteSpeed? OpenLiteSpeed ​​is the open-source version of LiteSpeed ​​WebServer Enterprise….

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What is Webp
What is WebP? How WebP Works?

What is WebP? What are the outstanding advantages compared with JPG and PNG? How does this image format work? Generally, in order to optimize the image of the website, the…

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What is SMTP?
What is SMTP? How SMTP works?

What is the SMTP protocol? How does the SMTP system work? Why do companies need SMTP server support? Please read more details in the following article. What is SMTP? SMTP…

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Public cloud and Private Cloud
What is the difference between Public Cloud and Private Cloud?

What is a public cloud? What is the difference between Public Cloud and Private Cloud? Learn with KingHostCoupon in this article to get the best choice for your business. What…

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Fix XML Sitemap error 404 Yoast Seo
How to fix XML Sitemap 404 Not Found error in Yoast plugin?

After successfully installing WordPress, you will need to install some plugins, such as Yoast SEO. Do you use Yoast’s plug-in Wordpess SEO (also known as Yoast SEO or Wordpess SEO)…

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How to Install WordPress
How to Install WordPress?

If you want to create your own website or blog quickly and professionally, then WordPress is a top choice because it was created for non-programmers and is being used by…

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install SSL on DirectAdmin
How to install SSL on DirectAdmin?

The article will help you to install an SSL certificate on DirectAdmin Prepare: Purchase an SSL certificate for your website domain. You can buy it at for a very…

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Redirect http to https on NginX
How to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS with Nginx Web Server?

After we successfully installed Let’s Encrypt SSL for Nginx, you will need to configure it to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS. Here’s how. One of the common tasks for running…

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Install Let's Encrypt for NginX on Cent OS 7
How to Install Let’s Encrypt SSL for NginX on CentOS 7

In the previous article, we had a tutorial on how to install the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for Apache on CentOS 7, in this article you will know how to…

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